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Board Paint

Board Paint, An Original Idea To Decorate Your Home

Spokane WA House Decorators

It can be applied to different materials, including metal, wood, plaster, glass, concrete, unglazed ceramic, among others.

When you are looking for ideas to decorate the house, you can think about changing the decorative style, renovating floors, furniture, and even completely remodeling some spaces. Implementing these options can be costly and time-consuming.

One of the latest trends in decoration is board paint or also known as chalkboard paint.

How Does It Work?

Chalkboard paint is used just like any other paint, and only its final effect is like that of a board used in school. The most common color it is found in is black. However, it is also available in bold shades.

Ideas To Use It

This painting is becoming more common every day. Although initially it was used mainly for walls, especially in children’s rooms and kitchens, now it is seen in various parts of the house and in items such as furniture, paintings, glasses, among others.

Toddler Rooms Or Game Room

This is a perfect place for chalkboard paint. That a complete wall or a part of it works as a board will make the room more fun and, in addition, that the parents are calm because the child can paint the wall freely and without risk of staining it. This is an excellent idea to decorate the home.

In The Kitchen

Whether on a wall, in cabinets (indoors or outdoors), on a piece of furniture like the table, and even something risky like the fridge, the board paint is ideal. This can be used to write recipes, have ads, or the market list.

Interior Decorating Spokane WA

Stairs, Hallways, And Entrances

In general, these places are not decorated, but having part of them with chalkboard paint will give them a different touch, and they can be used to write phrases, welcome messages, among others who live in Spokane.

Painting Mistakes

4 Painting Mistakes That Are Easily Corrected

Painters Tips and Suggestions

A good way to renovate a room or space in the home is by changing the color of the walls. Although at first glance, this may seem like an easy and quick task, mistakes can be made that will not result in the expected result.

Drained Paint

Failure: Spokane painters recommends this can happen because maybe too much paint was put on the roller or brush, or the paint didn’t spread well on the wall.

The arrangement: To remove the drained paint, you must wait until it has dried and sand it. Then, the area should be touched up with a brush and a little paint.

Roller Marks

The problem: In this case, the cause may be the roller, for example, if it has joints or marked seams. However, the quality of the paint can also affect it.

The solution: In most walls and ceilings, the roller that works best is one of the synthetic fibers. Heavy-tooth, steel paint roller frames are stronger, stiffer, and with sealed ends keep paint on the roller. Also, before using these elements, it is important to clean them to remove any strands, lint, or specks that this may have.

House Painting Suggestions for residents

Stains Or Patches Of Paint

The mistake: These are due to poor lighting, tiredness, distractions, or scattering too little paint.

How to fix it: When the wall is dry, usually four hours after it is finished and not before to avoid damaging the rest of the wall, the patch should be touched up with a little paint.

Irregular Lines

The problem: The surface to be painted must be well prepared. Otherwise, it does not matter if the paint is of high quality; it will not look as it should.

The solution: Even if it takes time, you must put tape to demarcate the spaces that are not going to be painted or that will be done in another color. This tape should be special for it and carefully removed as soon as possible after painting.…

Wooden House

Things To Know When Painting A Wooden House

Exterior Painting Spokane WA

Occasionally we need to remodel the exterior of our wooden house in Spokane WA. The facade is the main part, the one that attracts the eyes, and says a lot about the owner of the house. The reforms to be carried out in the house depend on the budget that we have assigned.


First of all, it is necessary to determine what the state of the building is. If we are going to paint an old wooden surface, the old paint that has come off must be removed with a scraper. Rub the coarse surface with sandpaper until it is dull. Then clean the dust with a brush and replace the worn parts of the wood with new ones, if necessary.

New surfaces must be previously impregnated with a protective material against mold and moisture. This is a task that needs to be done as soon as possible. It is always better to choose a color impregnation because it offers greater protection against UV rays.

If there is mold on the surface, clean it with a special mixture. Manufacturers include instructions on how to use this paint material that can be found at any DIY store.

Nails must be covered with metal primer. Rusty nails must be cleaned first, and then coated with primer. In any case, it is always better to use stainless metal nails.

Remember that the best seasons to paint are the end of spring and summer because the right temperature is between 15º and 18º. It is not recommended to paint in direct sunlight, or in the late afternoon (dew can erase the shine from the surface).

Painting on wood seems like an easy task: just grab the brush, soak it in paint, and apply it to the boards. But things are not like that. There are some rules that should be known:

  • Remove the paint with a clean stick before using it (repeat the action from time to time throughout the process)
  • If you are not sure about the color of the paint, check it first on a small surface.
  • Better results are achieved by removing paint for a single board (or log) at a time.
  • Windows, doors, and other parts should be covered with tape or similar to protect them from splashes.
  • Use only good quality blends. The brush should not leave bristles on the wood, and the paint should cover the surface evenly.
  • Apply a second coat of paint. In this way, the actual color becomes more visible.
  • Store the brush in a tightly sealed polythene bag if you plan to use it the next day.

Colors And Combinations

The exterior appearance is as important as the interior because it says a lot about the homeowner. We all want our home to be different from the neighbor’s. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind before painting a log cabin:

  • Before choosing the color of the paint, pay attention to the environment. The surroundings already have their own color. The exterior of our house can be integrated into the environment or clearly stand out.
  • Don’t forget the roof, chimney, fence, gutters, railings, window frames, doors, and other visible items. You can look for a uniform look, or just highlight the details.
  • If your log cabin in Spokane has unique architecture, the different volumes of the building may have different materials and colors. The first and second floors, the pedestal, or the roof slope can be separated with different shades. In this way, the horizontality of the facade is highlighted (reducing or enlarging it). The exterior of the house can be divided graphically or through colors, without taking an architectural solution as a reference, but the means of expression must always be used rationally.
  • Color harmony is not just about finding similar hues. Colors can be combined subtly or by contrast. Green wants to be close to yellow and blue because they are “neighboring” colors in the color spectrum. Blue and orange, yellow and purple, or red and green, combine by contrast. Opposite colors highlight each other and become more eye-catching.